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Meet Jeremy

Meet Jeremy.

Jeremy and Dawn
Jeremy Kuehn and family
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Jeremy Kuehn completing Appalachian Trail

Jeremy is a pastor at Christ Place Church in Lincoln, NE. He enjoys running, reading, camping at Branched Oak Lake, and hunting. While Jeremy has spent most of his adult life leading church ministries, he has also built and sold businesses, hiked the Appalachian Trail, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Business from the University of Arkansas. Additionally, he holds a Master's in Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

Before moving to Lincoln, NE, Jeremy volunteered with the Arkansas State Patrol as a chaplain. He has worked in public schools and with unions, both as a union member and in management. Without fail, Jeremy believes in living with integrity and doing the right things, especially when it is difficult.

Jeremy is stepping up to run for County Commissioner with a clear vision: to bring the county government back to its core responsibilities. Under the current administration, we've seen the budget balloon disproportionately to our population growth. Jeremy's commitment is to ease the tax burden on our citizens by refocusing on essential services: robust Roads and Infrastructure, reliable Public Safety, and transparent Election Management. His approach is centered on efficiency and efficacy, ensuring every resident benefits from a government that works smarter, not just bigger. Join Jeremy in creating a future where streamlined governance enhances our quality of life.

Jeremy and his wife, Dawn, have three children: Judah, James, and Haven.

Explore Our Key Issues

Issues Important to Jeremy

Smart Infrastructure

Jeremy will focus on smart, safe infrastructure to boost business growth and enhance daily life. Expect transformative investments under his leadership for a better-connected, thriving community.

Public Safety

Jeremy is dedicated to ensuring our community remains an exceptional place for all our families. His commitment is rooted in supporting those who safeguard our safety, ensuring they have access to the necessary equipment and training. With Jeremy, our community's well-being and security are a top priority.

Reduce Wasteful Spending

Despite a population growth of less than 5%, our county's spending has surged by 40%, amounting to an additional $80 million compared to four years ago. Jeremy is committed to reversing this trend. He aims to streamline spending, focusing on efficiency and fiscal responsibility, to alleviate the tax burden on our community.

Closing the Digital Gap

High-speed broadband is essential for modern life, yet rural areas often lack access. Our campaign is focused on expanding this vital service, promoting equal opportunities in education, business, and connectivity for every community member.

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